Parents repeating themselves

I feel this on a spiritual level.

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Im obviously really looking forward to seeing the small amount of peeta were going to get in this one, but im also really looking forward to just seeing katniss pining for him. Like i know he wont be in this part as much as the others but i have a feeling his presence will be felt very much so through katniss. I just can tell already that jen did a great job with pulling that off



That’s what I’m holding out for, too. If the trailer and this new TV spot are any indication, I’m pretty sure that even if there aren’t nearly as many scenes with Peeta as there were for Catching Fire, we’re definitely going to notice the impact of his absence beyond our own greedy fangirl needs. 

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New still of Haymitch Abernathy in Mockingjay Part 1

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manalbndj:  Bon bah sinon, j’ai eu un selfie avec Josh Hutcherson… Après avoir attendu 5h sous la flotte et dans le froid, ça valait le coup 😍 #omg #josh #hutcherson #avant #premiere #paradiselost #wow #handsome #perfect #actor #cinema #paris #night #cold #dream (x)

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Josh Hutcherson attends the premiere for Escobar: Paradise Lost in Paris on 21st October 2014 (x)

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"People don’t need wings to survive.”
-“Mockingjays do.”

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If I’d had a private reunion with Peeta, he would have killed me. Now that he’s deranged.
No, not deranged, I remind myself. Hijacked. That’s the word I heard pass between Plutarch and Haymitch as I was wheeled past them in the hallway.
H i j a c k e d.
I don’t know what it means.

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I think Peeta might get somewhat better, But…I don’t think he’ll ever be the same.

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@SGolaz: Il était la! #NoiseForJosh 

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then and now

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New still of Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay Part 1

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